Monday, January 10, 2011

Review of the Nintendo 3DS itself and the 3D

My impressions about the Nintendo 3DS :

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Demo Title Screen
The worst point of Nintendo 3DS is that your eyes must stay in a restricted angle from the center of the 3D screen. It seems the angle you have to stay in varies with the 3D level, but with max level this is disturbing when you play a game that make you move the device, like if you permanently use the touchscreen, but it's still less disturbing than wearing glasses (especially for those who already wear vision glasses).
3D quality : Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Resident Evil or MGS for example proved the 3DS is able to produce high quality and amazingly deep 3D, you really feel it (but it depends on people) but you get the impression that all elements are behind the screen. It's just like if you had a box behind the 3DS with the action inside. There is still elements that "goes out" the screen to come in your direction, but the quality is not the same as the inside "stuff". So inside elements are really beautifully, but don't expect the outside elements to be the same quality as on a 3D TV.
The 3D is really deep, sometimes you have to focus your retina while switching from one "far" element to one "close" to you, but just a little it's ok !
The 3D is a plus in some games for the gameplay because you have a better perception of the environment and you are more precise in you commands. I had no headache at all during the event, but of course this also depends on people.

3DS Charge device
That's not the iPhone 4 retina screen, but the resolution is good in 3D, even better in 2D. See the officials Resident Evil or MGS trailers to have an idea ! The colors in 2D have a higher contrast than in 3D.
The 3D screen is wide enough, in comparison the touchscreen seems tiny.

Almost perfect ! size is adapted for anyone, the stick is very good and pleasant to use : its resistance is not too strong and not too weak, its texture is non-skid, but put your finger in the middle, if you put it at the extremity the stick can hang. The cross may be difficult to reach so if you prefer to use the cross in Street Fighter IV 3D edition for example you can be a little disturbed. Everything else is just like the DS.
The general texture is glossy, like the above of the DS lite.

Since I have the iPhone, I naturally used my fingers on the touch screen and it obviously didn't worked as on the apple's product, if you just wanna tap the touchscreen it's fine : I had absolutely no problem playing zelda for example. But if you wanna trace a line like in Steel Diver I strongly recommend to use the pen.

3DS Aqua Blue
The two models are beautiful, the blue one has a gradient above and the black model has one below. Personally I would choose the Black in a first place but the blue color is inedit so... still wondering !

If you have questions just ask on the comments and I will update this article.

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