Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preview: Street Fighter 4 3D Edition

This is the D-day game I most waited, using the street pass and online game. But I was visually disappointed...

You can choose the camera angle to be classic or "dynamic", that means it would be a little oriented to be behind your character.
I played with the classic view.

The more you fight and the more you load your special attacks, you can launch it by touching it on the touch screen...

I never played SF4 and I didn't really enjoyed the fights, of course because I don't know the game but that's the same for Dead Or Alive, which I really enjoyed (see next review) ! So if you hare a novice, you'll have to practice before to know how to play and enjoy (hopefully the demo was easy :) ) if you know SF, you will find what you expected in the gameplay.
But keep in mind that the gameplay is affected by the stick: many players are used to play with the cross for that kind of game, and it's position on the 3DS is not fully smooth to use.
But the weak point of the game is the visual aspect, the 3D is not deep, unlike many other games, and I didn't like the visual result, I mean it's OK but I expected something cooler to see. but once again, if you are a SF4 fan, don't hesitate !


  1. I'm looking forward to have this edition. I saw the demo for this game, the sounds is so awesome and the 3D graphics make it a perfect game.

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