Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preview: Dead Or Alive Dimensions

As for Street Fighter I never really played Dead Or Alive, but this game was a good surprise :)

I told you before that I experienced a 3DS crash while playing it, and I heard I was not the only one, but let's focus on the game now !

The game as rhythm and is beautiful, in 2D like in 3D which has a very good realization, and if you like DOA girls you may be interested to know it :p

So, DOA D is more beautiful than SF4, but I felt it also more difficult: I appreciate when a game provides a challenge ! The fight animations are really better, the music also, I really enjoyed that game.

I just played like 10 minutes but it was enough to built a stock of combos in my mind and take pleasure trying to realize it in the game with the good timing.

The bad point now: in the touch screen you can just touch a combo in the list and the character will automatically do it... hum I hope this can be disabled or is just for the demo otherwise the game has much less interest.
As a conclusion: I really recommend you to try DOA !


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  2. I play the Street Fighter. It is such a fantastic fighting game to play. I am only choose Ryu to play this game. Ryu is the best fighter in this game.
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