Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Kid Icarus UpRising

If you play Nintendo games you must know Pit in the Super Smash Bros. Braw game on Wii, or the older games. One of the big Nintendo games on 3DS first months will be Kid Icarus UpRising, you probably saw the Trailer, but how does it feels to play it ?

As you can see on the picture, the first thing I noticed is the poor gameplay: you just run/flight with the stick, dodge with L, shoot with A and look around with the touch screen. But let's try !

In this demo, there were 3 different sequences available, I played the "shoot" one. In this demo Pit was first flying and shooting enemies, then he fighted on the ground until a giant fire dog Boss fight.

During the flight sequence, there were some elements visually disappointing like the enemies projectiles: there were in 2D in the global 3D environment (like Mr. Game&Watch in Smash Bros). Also, even Kid didn't seem distinctly to me.

The air fight was OK, the controls were good but the "challenge" was too easy to be really enjoying, then on the ground, is was more complicated: the controls were difficult, this stick is used to move and the touch screen to shoot around: so you easily move the 3DS so you can't stay face up it, you loose the clear 3D image. Moving Kid was difficult and slow (but you can run) in the first place, if you are left handed, it must be even worst, but let's bet I'm just a noob at this game :)

So, as a conclusion, I hope the final Game will be significantly improved from this demo. Unlike Zelda, try before to buy !

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