Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preview: Dead Or Alive Dimensions

As for Street Fighter I never really played Dead Or Alive, but this game was a good surprise :)

I told you before that I experienced a 3DS crash while playing it, and I heard I was not the only one, but let's focus on the game now !

The game as rhythm and is beautiful, in 2D like in 3D which has a very good realization, and if you like DOA girls you may be interested to know it :p

So, DOA D is more beautiful than SF4, but I felt it also more difficult: I appreciate when a game provides a challenge ! The fight animations are really better, the music also, I really enjoyed that game.

I just played like 10 minutes but it was enough to built a stock of combos in my mind and take pleasure trying to realize it in the game with the good timing.

The bad point now: in the touch screen you can just touch a combo in the list and the character will automatically do it... hum I hope this can be disabled or is just for the demo otherwise the game has much less interest.
As a conclusion: I really recommend you to try DOA !

Preview: Street Fighter 4 3D Edition

This is the D-day game I most waited, using the street pass and online game. But I was visually disappointed...

You can choose the camera angle to be classic or "dynamic", that means it would be a little oriented to be behind your character.
I played with the classic view.

The more you fight and the more you load your special attacks, you can launch it by touching it on the touch screen...

I never played SF4 and I didn't really enjoyed the fights, of course because I don't know the game but that's the same for Dead Or Alive, which I really enjoyed (see next review) ! So if you hare a novice, you'll have to practice before to know how to play and enjoy (hopefully the demo was easy :) ) if you know SF, you will find what you expected in the gameplay.
But keep in mind that the gameplay is affected by the stick: many players are used to play with the cross for that kind of game, and it's position on the 3DS is not fully smooth to use.
But the weak point of the game is the visual aspect, the 3D is not deep, unlike many other games, and I didn't like the visual result, I mean it's OK but I expected something cooler to see. but once again, if you are a SF4 fan, don't hesitate !

Review: Kid Icarus UpRising

If you play Nintendo games you must know Pit in the Super Smash Bros. Braw game on Wii, or the older games. One of the big Nintendo games on 3DS first months will be Kid Icarus UpRising, you probably saw the Trailer, but how does it feels to play it ?

As you can see on the picture, the first thing I noticed is the poor gameplay: you just run/flight with the stick, dodge with L, shoot with A and look around with the touch screen. But let's try !

In this demo, there were 3 different sequences available, I played the "shoot" one. In this demo Pit was first flying and shooting enemies, then he fighted on the ground until a giant fire dog Boss fight.

During the flight sequence, there were some elements visually disappointing like the enemies projectiles: there were in 2D in the global 3D environment (like Mr. Game&Watch in Smash Bros). Also, even Kid didn't seem distinctly to me.

The air fight was OK, the controls were good but the "challenge" was too easy to be really enjoying, then on the ground, is was more complicated: the controls were difficult, this stick is used to move and the touch screen to shoot around: so you easily move the 3DS so you can't stay face up it, you loose the clear 3D image. Moving Kid was difficult and slow (but you can run) in the first place, if you are left handed, it must be even worst, but let's bet I'm just a noob at this game :)

So, as a conclusion, I hope the final Game will be significantly improved from this demo. Unlike Zelda, try before to buy !

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS Trailer

So far, my videos have been displayed in the bigest video games websites and I (PilouKami) am in 6th position on YouTube for views it means you enjoy my videos and nothing could make me more happy ! I hope this video will have the same success ! enjoy ! More articles, videos, photos, and reviews comming up

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS Trailer :

Nintendo World 2011 ends with Nintendo 3DS adds campaign launch in Japan !

On my way back from last day, I say the video that was played at Nintendo World in the Subway (Yamanote Line) and adds in the stations. I guess I will see it at least until the release...

Yamanote Line 11 jan 11

The actor in the add was at NW

Pic from NeoGAF

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D TRAILER

I took this Zelda trailer video at Nintendo World 2011. Enjoy !

Zelda Trailer :

The Zelda 3DS Banner at Nintendo World 2011

Nintendo 3DS CRASH experienced !

Dead Or Alive Dimentions Stand
That's right ! I was playing Dead Or Alive Dimentions story mode, after 8 minutes playing and during a cinematic I was regulating the 3D level to test many configurations. That's when the device just hang ! The image remained static on the screen.
The hostess looked surprised and called the stand responsible. He looked at the 3DS and restarted it. another hostess seemed curious and came to see what was going on.
I don't have any vid/pics since all the staff were on me and taking pictures was forbidden on the stands.

See my Dead Or Alive preview here !

Review of the Nintendo 3DS itself and the 3D

My impressions about the Nintendo 3DS :

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Demo Title Screen
The worst point of Nintendo 3DS is that your eyes must stay in a restricted angle from the center of the 3D screen. It seems the angle you have to stay in varies with the 3D level, but with max level this is disturbing when you play a game that make you move the device, like if you permanently use the touchscreen, but it's still less disturbing than wearing glasses (especially for those who already wear vision glasses).
3D quality : Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Resident Evil or MGS for example proved the 3DS is able to produce high quality and amazingly deep 3D, you really feel it (but it depends on people) but you get the impression that all elements are behind the screen. It's just like if you had a box behind the 3DS with the action inside. There is still elements that "goes out" the screen to come in your direction, but the quality is not the same as the inside "stuff". So inside elements are really beautifully, but don't expect the outside elements to be the same quality as on a 3D TV.
The 3D is really deep, sometimes you have to focus your retina while switching from one "far" element to one "close" to you, but just a little it's ok !
The 3D is a plus in some games for the gameplay because you have a better perception of the environment and you are more precise in you commands. I had no headache at all during the event, but of course this also depends on people.

3DS Charge device
That's not the iPhone 4 retina screen, but the resolution is good in 3D, even better in 2D. See the officials Resident Evil or MGS trailers to have an idea ! The colors in 2D have a higher contrast than in 3D.
The 3D screen is wide enough, in comparison the touchscreen seems tiny.

Almost perfect ! size is adapted for anyone, the stick is very good and pleasant to use : its resistance is not too strong and not too weak, its texture is non-skid, but put your finger in the middle, if you put it at the extremity the stick can hang. The cross may be difficult to reach so if you prefer to use the cross in Street Fighter IV 3D edition for example you can be a little disturbed. Everything else is just like the DS.
The general texture is glossy, like the above of the DS lite.

Since I have the iPhone, I naturally used my fingers on the touch screen and it obviously didn't worked as on the apple's product, if you just wanna tap the touchscreen it's fine : I had absolutely no problem playing zelda for example. But if you wanna trace a line like in Steel Diver I strongly recommend to use the pen.

3DS Aqua Blue
The two models are beautiful, the blue one has a gradient above and the black model has one below. Personally I would choose the Black in a first place but the blue color is inedit so... still wondering !

If you have questions just ask on the comments and I will update this article.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My InGame Videos of Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Kid Icarus UpRising !

Videos ingame took with 10x zoom since I was not allowed to film while playing... Enjoy ;)
More 3DS stuff coming up !

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D :

Kid Icarus UpRising :

Videos of Mario Kart, StarFox and Paper Mario 3DS !

New videos I took at Nintendo World 2011 :

Mario Kart 3DS :

StarFox 3DS :

Paper Mario 3DS :

Review : The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time 3D

Considered by many players as the best game of all times, The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time was originally released in 1998 on Nintendo 64.
This 3D version will be launched in spring 2011 on Nintendo 3DS, will this remake be worthy of its reputation ?

The demo presented at Nintendo World 2011 proposes 3 stages, I played all of it : 
  • Kokiri Village
  • Deku Tree
  • First Boss

First image : Link in Kokiri Village in front of his house, with some fireflies around. 
First impression : "Whoah !!", the graphics has been significantly improved, but the original atmosphere is still there, and the 3D realization is high quality, really deep and beautiful, I felt that 3D gave a better perception of the situation.

Comparaison with the Original Game
Some details had been redesigned, like the herb where you can get some rubies in the Kokiri village or inside Link's house.
Animations have also been improved from the original game, for example when the Kokiri that don't let you go to Deku Tree gets out of your way, he shows an exaggerated walking style so that the situation is quite more funny, or when the Deku Tree Boss is disintegrating after you beat it, the body progressively falls during the disintegration.
Those improvements are cool if you know the original game like your pocket because it makes you feel like rediscovering. 
Another modification is the menu, it still works the same way but the appearance is modified. You can access the Quest, Map and Item screens on the touch screen, this will pause the game. Those menu screens have been reorganized and redesigned (except the map inside Deku Tree), the result is pretty good.
Those are the only differences I saw compared with the Nintendo 64 game : no sound differences (except menu screen transition sound) and no added or modified stuff so far.

Touch Screen and Gameplay
The touch screen use is not only to access the menu, but also to see the map, see the X and Y items, use up to 4 items (including the X and Y ones) and launch first person view. When the view is in first person mode, you can move the 3DS in the air to look around, this is also true for weapons first person view ! But you can still use the stick, the gameplay is improved !
Unless the item and first person view use, the controls are very instinctive if you played the original game, because exactly the same, I felt like native Zelda gamer.

The Nintendo World public choose Zelda, with up to 150 minutes waiting to play 8 minutes, and the public was right !
I believe this demo was the final version, I've been very impressed by the exceptional quality of the 3D, playing in such a little screen disturbed me at the very beginning compared to a TV, but I can ensure that it is worthy ! I really had pleasure playing the demo, and look forward to the release !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pictures of the 3DS, 3DS cards, gamebox and package

Here are the pics :

The two 3DS models to be released are "Cosmo Black" and Aqua Blue" :

Here we go !

Let's start this Nintendo World 2011 Coverage !

As preview, see the face you would do the first time you'll play The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time 3D :

Japanese playing Zelda : Ocarina Of Time 3D for the first time at Nintendo World 2011